By conorlatham11

I am studying AS PE and there is no material on PE on the website. I'm sure there are other people thinking the same thing.


okay so i'm taking Maths, Chemistry, Physics and ICT at AS level, and I intend on becoming a software engineer and I really badly want to go to Imperial College!! I feel alevels are unbelievably hard as they are soooooooooooooo different from GCSES and I feel im being pressurised to do well from everyone! Parents, teachers and some friends. in a way I know its good to have pressure, but my parents think its so easy and the teachers make it out to be so easy when in actual fact, its not! I almost broke down in tears the other day because I just couldn't cope with how hard everything is, and how I put soooo much effort into everything and yet I still come out with C's and D's. I just don't think I should even believe in myself anymore because if uni's have such high entry requirements, and im here getting C's and D's, how can I get into a good university and pursue the career I want to and do the things I want to. I think im losing faith in myself too, and parents are always comparing me to other students like "shes got so many A's and he has soooo many awards for different things" and it just makes me feel like im not good enough for them!!! :(

When do you normally start revising for exams?
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