Exam-style Questions: Cells


  1. Name 2 things that are present in plant cells but not in animal cells.

    (Marks available: 2)



    Answer outline and marking scheme for question: 1

    Choose from any of the following:

    • Cellulose cell wall
    • Chloroplast
    • Vacuole


    (Total = 2 marks)

  2. Look at the drawing of a root hair cell from a plant:

    Exam-style Questions

    a) Name regions A,B and C.

    (3 Marks)

    b) What substance is Region B made of?

    (1 Mark)

    c) Name the letter of the region which:

    (i) Is Selectively Permeable;

    (ii) Controls the activities of the cell.

    (2 Marks)

    d) Type in the letter of one region which provides support for the cell.

    (1 Mark)

    e) What is the function of Region X?

    (1 Mark)

    f) (i) What is the name of the structure, commonly present in leaf cells, which are missing from the root hair cell?

    (ii)Why is this structure missing?

    (2 Marks)



    Answer outline and marking scheme for question: 2

    a) Region A is the Cell Wall;

    Region B is the Cell Membrane;

    Region C is the Nucleus.

    (3 marks)

    b) Region B is made out of protein and lipid.

    (1 mark)

    c) i) Region B is selectively permeable;

    ii) Region C controls the activities of the cell.

    (2 marks)

    d) Regions A & E provide support for the cell.

    (1 mark)

    e) To increase the surface area & speed up the absorption of substances from the soil.

    (1 mark)

    f) i) Chloroplasts.

    ii) Chloroplasts absorb light energy for photosynthesis. As there is no light in the soil, there is no survival value to root cells in containing chloroplasts.

    (2 marks)