Everything you ever wanted to know about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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Podcast 2 - The context of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (9m 0s)

This tutorial will examine the kinds of context within Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and why context is useful when understanding the novella. It gives a brief background of major issues of Victorian period, including scientific advancement, social control and ...read more.

Podcast 3 - Analysis  of structure and form (9m 26s)

This podcast examines how the story structured and why this is important in light of your GCSE. We also ask the questions of what makes a narrator un/reliable and how are the letters used to help progress / complicate the narrative? Read more...

Podcast 4 - Overview of main characters: Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde, Mr Utterson, Lanyon (9m 47s)

Welcome to the first of our tutorials on The Strange Case Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Here we give a brief introduction to the novella, examine what genres does it fit into, what are the key ...read more.

  Podcast 5 - Overview of major themes (7m 39s) 

This tutorial looks at how Stevenson presents the differences between Jekyll and Hyde, including animal motifs and bestial descriptions, continued attention to ideas of primitivism and violence. Counteracting images of rationality and science, respectability. Read more...

Podcast 6 - Chapter 1 - Story of the door (8m 36s)

Chapter 1 of Jekyll and Hyde gives us the first descriptions of Utterson and Hyde, addresses the significance of the type of crime conducted and we get the first link between Hyde and Jekyll through the cheque. Read more...

Podcast 7 - Chapter 2 - Search for Mr Hyde (9m 39s)   

This tutorial introduces us to Mr Lanyon and highlights the importance of Lanyon’s discomfort with Jekyll’s ‘balderdash’ science. We look at the second meeting with Mr Hyde, his physical description and Utterson’s reaction to it. Read more...

Podcast 8 - Chapter 3 - Dr Jekyll was quite at ease (7m 25s) 

This tutorial introduces us to Dr Jekyll, discusses the relationship between Jekyll and Hyde and provides us with a description of the house/laboratory. Throughout the tutorial we will look at the themes of mystery, suspense, gothic and respectability. Read more...

Podcast 9 - Chapter 4 - The Carew Murder Case (10m 1s)

This tutorial discusses the second crime and its violence against another innocent, how there is more evidence through the letter to Mr Utterson and the cheque book and the physical description of Hyde and his house. Furthermore the chapter presents...read more.

Podcast 10 - Chapter 5 - Incident of the letter (9m 26s)

This tutorial provides an analysis of the physical descriptions and physical decline of Jekyll plus, importantly, examines the significance of the letter, including the content of the letter and further confusion regarding the link between Jekyll and...read more.

Podcast 11 - Chapter 6 - Remarkable incident of Dr Lanyon (11m 30s) 

This tutorial explains the significance of the change of Jekyll, compared to the previous chapter, and his sudden withdrawal of Jekyll into seclusion. It also discusses the exchange of letters regarding "truth" between...read more. 

Podcast 12 - Chapter 7 - Incident at the window (6m 20s)

This tutorial examines the incident at the window of Dr Jekyll's house, highlighting key themes of terror and suspense. It also further highlights upon the genre of Gothic horror and The Other. It brings out concern for...read more.

Podcast 13 - Chapter 8 - The last night (11m 50s) 

This chapter deals with Poole’s suspicion of ‘foul play’ and the changes Jekyll has experienced and Utterson’s theories regarding disease. It also discusses the break-in to the lab and discovery of Hyde’s body and the...read more.

Podcast 14 - Chapter 9 - Dr Lanyon's narrative (10m 0s)

Dr Lanyon's narrative (1) Lanyon’s narrative and the mystery of Hyde. (2) Chemicals and concoctions, discussions of ‘transcendental medicine’ Summary (1) Verbatim narrative of Dr Lanyon. Significance of ...read more.

Podcast 15 - Chapter 10 - Henry Jekyll's full statement of the case (11m 4s)

This tutorial discusses final chapter of the book including the creation of Hyde, the duality of good and evil, physical and mental transformation and doubling, and Jekyll's growing lack of control and the ...read more.

Podcast 16 - Key quotations of Jekyll and Hyde Part 1 (10m 44s)

Truth vs Lies, Good vs Evil, Corruption vs Purity, and Science vs the supernatural. Each of these conflicts makes an appearance throughout the novella, and in this episode we're going to point you towards ...read more.

Podcast 17 - Key quotations of Jekyll and Hyde Part 2 (7m 27s)

Podcast 18 - Exam Questions - Close reading of unseen comparison (10m 0s)

This tutorial looks at how you should answer the unseen comparison question within your exam into two core areas. Firstly, how do I structure my answer, including how to deconstruct the question: subject, focus, and...read more.

Podcast 19 - Exam Questions - The whole text question (6m 0s)

This tutorial looks at who the answer the whole text question in the exam, including, firstly, how do I structure my answer? and secondly how do I make sure I answer the question, including the selection of ...read more.

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