Following an Argument

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Following an Argument

Following an argument is a key skill in reading non-fiction texts. It requiresyou to pick out the main points of any piece of writing and summarise them.

The best way to revise this skill is to practice it as much as possible.

So, a typical question might be:

Read the article and summarise the main points of the writer's argument.

After reading, see if you can identify the sections of the text which outline Julie Miles' argument.

For once we must blame the parents

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Children copy their parents

However, the press overlooked her main argument. She found that teenagers' road safety knowledge was good; what they could not do was use the knowledge sensibly on the streets. Why? Because, as pedestrians, they copy their parents.

So the whole of the article's argument can be reduced to just 4 points. In the following interaction, each point is identified as a quote.

Click to reveal the arguments that the quotes are making...

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In the exam, highlighting the relevant sections of a text is a useful wayof starting to answer any question.