Using Quotes and Key Information

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Using Quotes and Key Information

If we look again at the question on the opening of the advert about better English we can use it as a model for using quotes.

How do the first two paragraphs of the advert seek to persuade you to send off for their book?

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Quotes are the evidence for your assertions and analysis.

Quotes can be anything from one word, to one or two lines from a text. So you could begin answering the above question with...

The advert makes the acquiring of expertise in English sound very quick, straight forward and easy.

The technique is said to be 'simple' and 'swift'.

Alternatively, you could write:

The advert claims that you can learn to become an expert in English easily.

There is a simple technique for acquiring a swift mastery of good English.

The words 'simple' and 'swift' suggest speed and ease, while 'mastery' suggests complete control and command.

If you wrote either of the above answers you would get marks for picking out the key information, the key vocabulary, and for using quotation correctly to support your point.