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As you are aware, you've got a lot going on in your life at the moment. Not only exams, but also decisions have to be made about the future. So, you're probably used to being asked, "What are you going to do next year?"

As luck would have it, you may also be asked this question in your French speaking exam! In this topic, we are going to look at the vocabulary and structures you must know to talk about careers and also about part-time / weekend jobs and how to talk about your plans for the future.

We are going to start with some useful words for jobs. The list could be endless, so here are just a few examples:

If you want to say, "I am a... nurse, carpenter, lawyer, etc." you say:

"Je suis... infirmier/chapentier/avocat, etc."

Note: There is no "un or une" in front of the word for the job.

The same is true for other people.

For Example:

Mon père est conducteur de bus = My father is a bus driver.

Ma mère est dentiste = My mother is a dentist.

Here is a list of some jobs:

Masculine: English:
facteur postman/postwoman
employé de banque bank employee
fermier farmer
boulanger baker
coiffeur hairdresser
homme d'affaires business man
prof/professeur teacher
ingénieur engineer
fonctionnaire civil servant
avocat lawyer
mécanicien mechanic
cuisinier cook
infirmier nurse
vendeur sales assistant
policier police officer
acteur actor
pharmacien chemist
médecin doctor
dentiste dentist
vétérinaire veterinary surgeon
électricien electrician
maçon builder

Check how well you know the words for jobs by trying out the following exercise.

Drag five of the names onto the corresponding image to label the jobs correctly. Mark your answer to see how well you got on. Be careful! Look at the pictures. Is it a man or a woman?

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In this exercise, drag the blue boxes onto the correct image and then mark your answer:

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Here is the list of work places. Use however many you can:

dans un garage in a garage
dans une banque in a bank
à une ferme on a farm
à un chantier on a building site
dans une usine in a factory
dans un magasin in a shop
dans un hôtel in a hotel
dans un hôpital in a hospital
pour la police for the the police
dans un restaurant in a restaurant
dans un collè in a school
chez le coiffeur at the hairdresser's

Remember: being able to express opinions will gain you extra marks in your spoken and written work. In the table below, we will look at the sorts of things that can be said about a job. Many of them you can use in other situations, so they are useful to know...

C'est intéressant It is interesting C'est ennuyeux It is boring
C'est amusant It is fun Ce n'est pas amusant It isn't fun
C'est bien payé It is well paid C'est mal payé It is badly paid
C'est créatif It is creative C'est stressant It is stressful
J'aime le travail I like the work Je déteste le travail I hate the work

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