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Meals are an important part of this topic. You may have to say what you like eating for various meals or one of your role-plays may be to do with meals, so make sure you know this vocabulary!

In this exercise, read what each person has for breakfast and then click on the correct english words:

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This exercise helps you revise vocabulary for meals you may have at lunchtime or in the evening.

Look at these pictures of plates of food ( hope it doesn't make you feel too hungry!), then look at the menu and click on the chalk sentence that corresponds to the picture. Mark your answer each time:

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Now we're going to practice foods and drinks with the perfect (past) tense. In your Speaking exam, you may have to say what you ate yesterday or even what you ate that morning for breakfast!

Remember: to get a good grade you must be able to use different tenses!

In this exercise, look at the English sentence and then click on the correct French translation. Look carefully at the spellings and try and get the answer right first time!

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We don't always have time to sit down altogether at the table, but when we do, there are certain phrases we use without thinking. You need to able to do the same in French, as you may need to use these phrases in a role-play in the Speaking exam.

In this exercise, drag the dark blue panels into the gaps to complete the conversation.

Click on the question marks if you need some help:

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Here is some further practice of the sorts of phrases you need to know for a role-play at the table. It could also come up in the Listening exam, so make sure you know this vocabulary.

In this exercise, click on the words in the light blue panels and drag them into the correct gaps to complete the conversation:

Read it through first before you start. You are more likely to get it right first time then!

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Here is another short exercise to really check that you are now confident in this part of the topic.

Various phrases about food and drink have been cut in half. The first halves of the statements are on the left hand side and the other halves are mixed up on the right.

Click on the right hand halves and drag them to match up with their other halves:

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Buying snacks could very well come up in one of your role-plays, or in the Listening or Reading exams.

This table contains some phrases that you will find useful:

Je voudrais... I would like...
J'aimerais... I would like...
C'est combien, s'il vous plait? How much does that cost, please?
Quelque chose d'autre? Anything else?
Et à boire? And something to drink?
L'addition s'il vous plaît. The bill, please.

In this exercise, read the French sentence and click on the picture that relates to it. Mark your answer each time before you move on to the next question:

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In this exercise you have to place the sentences in order. Drag the sentences into the boxes to make up the conversations:

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