Pocket Money and Going Out

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Pocket Money and Going Out

Whether you get pocket money or not, you may be asked about it in your speaking exam. You need to be able to say how much you get and what you spend the money on. If you don't get pocket money, but you have a part-time job, look at the Careers topic where you can get help with talking about part-time jobs.

In the meantime, remember you need to know pocket money vocabulary in case it crops up in the reading or listening exams.

You may be asked, "Tu reçois de l'argent de poche?"

Here are some ideas for answers:

Je reçois cinq livres sterling par semaine
dix livres sterling par mois
vingt livres sterling  

You may be asked what you do with the money:

Qu'est-ce que tu achètes avec ton argent de poche? = What do you buy with the money?

Drag and drop the correct labels onto the centre of the images below and then mark your answer:

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In your speaking exam you may have to take part in a role-play to do with making arrangements to go out. You will have to know such vocabulary as suggesting somewhere to go and arranging a time and place to meet. You never know when this may come in useful if you meet a young French-speaking person who you want to ask out!

Here are some ideas of the basic structures:

How to invite someone out:
Tu veux aller au cinéma? Do you want to go to the cinema?
Tu veux jouer au tennis? Do you want to play tennis?
Tu veux aller nager? Do you want to go swimming?
Tu veux aller au club? Do you want to go to the club?
Je vais au cinéma. Tu viens? I'm going to the cinema. Do you want to come too?
Je vais jouer au tennis. Tu viens? I'm going to play tennis. Do you want to come too?

How to reply to an invitation:
Oui, génial/formidable Yes, great.
Oui, je voudrais venir aussi. Yes, I'd like to come too.
Non, merci. Je n'ai pas envie. No thanks, I don't want to.
Non merci, je ne viens pas. No thanks, I won't be coming.
Non, je préfère aller à la disco. No, I'd rather go to the disco.
Non, je préfère jouer au foot. No, I'd rather play football.

How to arrange a time to meet:
On se retrouve à quelle heure? When shall we meet?
On se retrouve à huit heures? Shall we meet at eight o'clock?

How to arrange a meeting place:
On se retrouve oè? Where shall we meet?
On se retrouve devant la mairie? Shall we meet in front of the town hall?
On se retrouve à l'arrêt de bus? Shall we meet at the bus stop?

Use the blue back and forth arrows to view the different activities. Once you find the picture that matches up with the sentence above it, mark your answer and then click on "next question" to try another:

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