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Further Practice

Here is some further practice on school subjects and opinions of them. This vocabulary could come up in any of your exams, so it's essential that you know it.

If you come across words you don't know, make sure you note them down and learn them. If it's a noun, remember to also learn the gender - le/la/les.

Read this letter and then look at the sentences below. Click on the phrase, number or word that completes the sentence correctly.

You could also use the letter to get some ideas for your speaking exam, so spend some time looking at it and note down anything new!

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The school timetable

Being able to talk about the school day is essential and is something you may have to do in the speaking exam. It could also come up in the reading and listening exams, so you need to know how to talk about a timetable well.

Letter reading

Here is an exercise that will see how well you know the vocabulary in this area of the topic. It will also give you ideas for your speaking exam. Remember to learn any words or phrases you don't already know.

You will read a list of statements about British and French schools. For each statement decide whether it refers to British or French schools and click on the correct button:

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