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In the School


Being able to tell the time will be vital knowledge, so make sure you can do it confidently. It could turn up in a role-play, in a Reading exam or in a Listening exam.

Remember that the 24 hour clock is used much more in French-speaking countries than in the U.K., so you will need to know your numbers up to 60 really well (you may need to be able to understand train times, such as 19.53)!

You need to be able to tell the time when talking about your school day, such as what time break is or when school finishes.

Here are a few reminders about how to tell the time in French:

It's 2 o'clock il est deux heures
It's 2.15 il est deux heures quinze  
Quarter past 2 il est deux heures et quart
It's 2.45 il est deux heures quarante cinq
Quarter to 3 trois heures moins le quart

To help you revise the times, try this exercise. Read the French sentence at the bottom and then click on the clock face that is telling the correct time:

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At school

In your speaking exam, you may have to talk about what happens during your school day - what time lessons start or when lunchtime is, for example.

In this exercise, read the English sentence and then click on the correct French translation in the blue panels. Mark your answer each time and then move on to try another:

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Classroom language

There are some key phrases that you should know to help you through your speaking exam if you want to ask the teacher to repeat something or if you just don't know the answer.

You can also use them in class! In addition, there are loads of classroom phrases that you have been hearing from your very first French lesson. They could come up in a listening exam, so revise them well.