Introduction to School

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Introduction to School

We all have to go to school, and talking about our subjects is something we all spend a lot of time on, whether we like or dislike them!

You will need to know the words for school subjects really well, so that you can recognise them in the reading or listening exams or if you have to speak about them in the speaking exam.

Have a look at this list just to check you know the translations for your subjects:

la biologie Biology
la chimie Chemistry
l'allemand German
l'anglais English
le français French
l'histoire History
l'informatique ICT
le dessin Art
les maths Maths
la religion Religious Studies
le sport Sport
l'économie Economics

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Being able to express an opinion is vital if you want to gain points in your speaking exam or writing exam. You also need to be able to understand opinions in the listening and reading exams...

French: English:
Ma matière préférée c'est le dessin parce que c'est facile. My favourite subject is Art because it's easy.
Je n'aime pas la physique parce que c'est difficile. I don't like Physics because it's difficult.
Je déteste le sport parce que c'est ennuyeux. I hate P.E. because it's boring.
J'aime l'histoire parce que c'est intéressant. I like History because it's interesting.
Ma matiére préférée c'est l'anglais parce que c'est chouette. English is my favourite subject because it's great.

So, you've practiced giving an opinion about your school subjects. Perhaps you now want to compare one subject with another, or say which subject you find the most interesting or the most boring.

For example:

ennuyeux Boring
le sport est ennuyeux P.E. is boring
le dessin est plus ennuyeux Art is more boring
le français est le plus ennuyeux French is the most boring

You can do this with almost any describing word (adjective).

Unfortunately, there are always a few exceptions! Most of these you should already know, but have a look at the table below to refresh your memory.

bon (good) meilleur (better) le/ la meilleur(e) (the best)
mauvais (bad) pire (worse) le/la pire (the worst)

Read the text for each student, then answer the questions below by clicking on the correct student:

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