School Uniform and Rules

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School Uniform and Rules

Whether you like it or not, most school pupils in the U.K. have to wear a school uniform. You may need to be able to describe it in your speaking exam. In talking about clothes, we often say what colour they are. Colours are describing words, i.e. adjectives. You need to be able to understand how adjectives work in French.

In describing your uniform, you would say things such as "I wear a black skirt, a white blouse... etc."

In saying this, you have to add an ending to the adjective, depending on whether the noun is masculine, or feminine and singular or plural. Colours come after the noun in French!

For example:

je porte une jupe noire I wear a black skirt.
je porte une chemise blanche I wear a white shirt.
je porte une robe bleue I wear a blue dress

Giving opinions

You probably have a strong opinion about your school uniform!

Giving opinions in your Speaking exam or in your written work will always gain you extra marks, so make sure you can always say how you feel about things.

1. I don't like my school uniform because it's ugly. Je n'aime pas mon uniforme parce que c'est laid.
2. My school uniform is very practical. Mon uniforme est très pratique.
3. I like my school uniform because it's comfortable. J'aime mon uniforme parce-que c'est très confortable
4. I like my school uniform because it's green - my favourite colour! J'aime mon uniforme parce-que c'est vert - mon couleur préféré.

Any organisation has rules, whether we like them or not! In English, the rule usually starts off with something like "You must... You can..." or "One must... One can..."

The same is true in French.

Here are the complete forms of these two verbs to remind you:

  devoir (= must) pouvoir (=can)
je dois peux
tu dois peux
il/elle/on doit peut
nous devons pouvons
vous devez pouvez
ils/elles doivent peuvent

In this exercise, look at the pictures of classroom rules and then click on the correct french phrase before marking your answer:

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