Buying Snacks and Ice Cream

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Buying Snacks and Ice Cream

Buying snacks could very well come up in one of your role-plays, or in the listening or reading exams.

This table contains some phrases that you will find useful:

Ich möchte I would like
Ich hätte gern I would like
Einmal / zweimal / dreimal One / two / three (use when ordering food and drinks)
Was kostet das, bitte? How much does that cost, please?
Sonst noch etwas? Anything else?
Und zu trinken? And something to drink?
Zahlen, bitte. Can we pay now, please.
Zusammen oder getrennt? Together or separately?

In this exercise, read the German sentence and click on the picture that relates to it. Mark your answer each time before you move on to the next question:

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Im Einscafé oder in der Eisdiele - at the ice-cream parlour. You may have to perform a role-play in which you order ice-creams or cakes and a drink.

Here is the sort of menu you might see:

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In these exercises you have to place the sentences in order.

Drag the sentences into the boxes below to make up the conversations:

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