Introduction to Home Life

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Introduction to Home Life

Types of houses and locations

In your speaking exam, you may need to say where you live and in what type of house you live. Remember, that when you say where something is, the word for "a" (ein/eine) or "the" (der/die/das) changes. That's why it is really important to know the gender of nouns.

Here are some examples:

  Masculine: Feminine: Neuter:
Ich wohne in... einem Bungalow einer Wohnung einem Haus

Here is a practice exercise to help you learn and remember the vital words.

Click and drag the person in the middle of the circle onto the correct type of housing using the speech bubble as a guide. Mark your answer each time before clicking on "next question":

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When writing about where you live, you need to spell the different words for houses correctly. This practice exercise will help you to learn them.

Reihenhaus and Einfamilienhaus are always tricky ones, so take care!

Wo wohnst du? Where do you live?

If you can say what type of house you live in and where it is situated, it would be great if you can put the two facts together in one sentence. You will be on the way to gaining higher marks that way!

Look at the picture and select the German sentence written below that corresponds with the image displayed. Mark your answer then try the next question:

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In talking about your house in the speaking exam, you will need to be able to say something about the various rooms.

In this exercise, you are going to practise how to say where people are in this house. In German, as you know, there are three words for 'the': der, die and das.

If you say where something or someone is, the word for 'the' changes as follows:

  • der changes to dem
  • die changes to der
  • das changes to dem

This is called the Dative case.

Look at this house below. Scroll over the different rooms and find out the answer to the question on the right. Type in the answer and mark your answer:

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No matter how tidy or untidy(!) your bedroom is, you may have to describe it in your speaking exam, so you need to know the vocabulary really well. This exercise will help you to remember the key words.

Look at this plan of a bedroom and click and drag on the correct word for each piece of furniture. Mark your answer then click on "next question":

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You may wish to write to a pen friend and in your letter, you describe your bedroom, or you may have to talk about your bedroom in the speaking exam. This exercise will help you to give more details about your bedroom correctly.

After such words as:

neben next to
vor in front of
zwischen between
links von to the left of
rechts von to the right of

you have to change the word for 'the' (der, die, das):

der changes to dem
die changes to der
das changes to dem

This is called the dative case.

Complete the sentences below by dragging the correct word for 'the' - dem, or der into the gaps:

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