Introduction to Routine

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Introduction to Routine

We all have to help at home at some time or another, whether we like it or not! This essential vocabulary could be needed in more than one exam, so make sure you know it.

Here is an exercise to help you revise some good expressions for helping around the home. Use the back and forward arrows to view the different activities. When you find the picture that matches up with the sentence above it, mark your answer and then click on "next question":

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How often do you help at home?

You may be required to say how often you help with household activities in your speaking exam - of course, you needn't be exactly truthful, as long as the German is correct! This activity will help you to remember the words.

Select the correct English translation and then mark your answer to see how you got on...

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Saying when we do something in German can be a little tricky sometimes, if we don't remember the straightforward rule:

The verb (doing word) is always the second idea in a sentence.

If you start the sentence with saying when you do something, the verb must come next.

For Example: Sometimes I lay the table= Manchmal decke (verb) ich den Tisch.

This exercise will help you practice this important rule.

The German sentences about helping at home are jumbled up. Using the black English translation to help you, click on the words in the correct order and mark your answer. Remember the rule!

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