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Further Practice

You need to know your numbers really well - you can be certain that numbers will come up more than once in your exams.

In the following exercise, read the speech bubble and then click on the winning sequence in the strip above:

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You need to be able to talk about yourself, say where you come from and what nationality you are.

This exercise will help you to see whether you are confident in the basic phrases you need to talk about yourself.

Look at the dialogue below. Some words have been missed out. Click and drag on the correct word and place it in the correct place in the dialogue. Watch out - there are some extra words!

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There is a lot of vocabulary in this topic - family members, description, characteristics, colours, nationalities... We all like talking about other people, so this is a really useful topic to know when you talk to German-speaking people - it will also gain you loads of marks in the exams!

You may need to write about yourself - your family, pets. How much do you know? This letter contains lots of essential words and structures.

Click on the correct words and drag them into the correct space. Watch out - three of the words won't be used!

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In German, it is a little different. When you look up a word in a dictionary,you will see the plural in brackets next to the word, so you know what todo. For example, if you look up the word for 'dog' you will find 'der Hund (-e)'.

The "-e" in brackets means that you add an "e" to the word Hund if you want to say you have more than one dog.

For Example: 'I have two dogs' = 'Ich habe zwei Hunde'.

There are other plurals in German. Look at the list below. Make sure you know what to do when you use a dictionary:

Animal: English meaning: Plural:
der Hund (-e) dog Hunde
der Vogel (") bird Vögel
der Goldfisch(-e) goldfish Goldfische
die Katze(-n) cat Katzen
die Maus(-"e) mouse Mäuse
das Pferd(-e) horse Pferde
das Kaninchen(-) rabbit Kaninchen
das Meerschweinchen (-) guinea pig Meerschweinchen
Der Hamster (-) hamster Hamster
Die Wüstenratte(-n) gerbil Wüstenratten
Der Wellensittich(-e) budgie Wellensittiche

In this exercise, complete the sentence by typing in the correct plural word. Mark your answer before moving on to the next question.


Ich habe zwei Hunde.

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