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The topic of shopping could very easily come up in a role play situation in the speaking exam - it could be shopping for clothes or presents or food and drink. It could also come up in the reading or listening exams.

The good thing about this topic is that there are not too many structures to learn, for example, "I would like..." You do need, however, to make sure you know lots of vocabulary; for clothes, foods, drinks, etc.

First of all, you need to know the names for the different types of shops. The tricky ones are:

Drogerie and Apotheke - You would buy soap, toothpaste, make-up at a "Drogerie" and you would get a prescription or buy headache tablets at an "Apotheke".

The general word for shop is "Geschäft". This exercise will help you to see how well you know the words for shops.

Look at these pictures of shops. Click on the blue arrows to move back and forth through the list of shops. Once you have matched-up the name with the correct picture, mark your answer and see whether you are right. Then move on to the next question and try another:

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Just a reminder that when you want to say where something is, you have to change the word for "the", for example, one buys biscuits in the supermarket.

The phrase "in the supermarket" is telling you where the biscuits are. You have to change the word for "the" to the Dative Case, as follows:

der masculine dem
die feminine der
das neuter dem

One buys biscuits in the supermarket. Man kauft Kekse in dem Supermarkt.

Supermarkt is masculine and therefore you say "in dem".

This exercise will help you to not only match goods to the correct shops, but will also be a reminder of how the word for "the" changes.

Read the sentence in the panel below, then click on the shop in which you'd buy that item. Mark your answer each time before moving onto the next question and trying again:

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