At the Garage

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At the Garage

In your speaking exam, you may have a role-play in which you are at a garage and you have to buy fuel or ask to have a part of the car checked, or you may have to tell the garage that the car has had a breakdown.

Here is a reminder about what to say when buying fuel:

Volltanken, bitte Fill it up, please
Zwanzig Liter Bleifrei, bitte 20 litres of unleaded, please
Diesel zu siebzig Mark, bitte 70 Marks worth of diesel, please

If you want someone at the garage to check your car:

Würden Sie bitte das öl prüfen? Please would you check the oil?
Würden Sie bitte den Reifendruck prüfen? Please would you check the tyre pressure?
Würden Sie bitte den Motor nachsehen? Please would you check the engine?
Würden Sie bitte die Lichter nachsehen? Please would you check the lights?

Unfortunately, from time to time, something goes wrong with the car and we may need to ask for help. Look at the pictures and match the corresponding German phrase by clicking on it. Mark your answer each time to move on to the next question:

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