Buying Tickets

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Buying Tickets

In your speaking exam, you may have to do a role play which involves buying train tickets or asking about times of buses, trams, etc. Here is a reminder of the basic structures you will need to accomplish this successfully.

Asking about the timings of trains, buses, etc:

Wann fährt der nächste Zug nach Hamburg? When does the next train to Hamburg go?
Wann kommt der Zug an? When does the train arrive?
Wo fährt der Zug ab? Von welchem Gleis fährt der Zug ab? From which platform does the train go?
Ist das der Bus nach Hamburg? Is that the train to Hamburg?
Muss ich umsteigen? Do I have to change?

Buying tickets:

Einmal einfach nach Hamburg erster Klasse, bitte. One first class single to Hamburg, please.
Zweimal einfach nach Hamburg zweiter Klasse, bitte. Two second class singles to Hamburg, please.
Einmal nach Hamburg, hin und zur&uunl;ck erster Klasse, bitte. One first class return to Hamburg, please.
Zweimal nach Hamburg, hin und zurück zweiter Klasse, bitte. Two second class returns to Hamburg, please.

If you can remember the correct structures, buying tickets is easy. So, in this exercise, translate the English sentence by clicking on the words in the blue boxes below so that the German sentence is structured correctly. Mark your answer before clicking "next question":

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To help you make sure you know the other essential phrases in this topic, in the following exercise, read the English and then click on the correct German phrase:

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