Everything to know about Germany in 1919-1945

Everything to know about Germany in 1919-1945


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Podcast 2 - The establishment of the Weimar Republic (9m 15s)

How was the Weimar Republic formed? What were its strengths and weaknesses?

Ebert and coalition.

The new constitution.

Proportional representation and the presidential...read more.

Podcast 3 - Problems faced by the Weimar Republic in 1919 (6m 39s)

What economic and political problems did the Weimar Republic face? What was the effect of the Treaty of...read more.

Podcast 4 - Revolutions and putsches, 1919-1923 (13m 23s)

Which groups rose against the Weimar Republic? How were they dealt with? Why did they end? Read more...

Podcast 5 - Economic chaos, recovery and disaster, 1922-24 (10m 10s)

What happened to the Germany economy in the 1920s? How did Germany recover? Reparations and the French/Belgian occupation of the Ruhr. The German response to...read more.

Podcast 6 - Economic , political and international recovery, 1924-1930 (9m 3s)

How strong was the economic recovery? How did Germany recover: politically? internationally? Recovery from 1924: investment, the roaring...read more.

Podcast 7 - The Nazi Party in the 1920s (13m 0s)

Who were the Nazis and what did they want? What did they do in the 1920s? How did Hitler change...read more.

Podcast 8 - The effect of the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression (12m 0s)

What were the political consequences of the Great Depression? Impact of Wall Street Crash, the Great...read more.

Podcast 9 - How did Hiler come into power in 1933 (7m 45s)

How did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933? Political events of 1930 to January 1933. Hitler...read more.

Podcast 10 - How the Nazis turned 'office' into 'power', January to March 1933 (9m 0s)

What did Hitler do to increase his powers? Reichstag Fire Law for the Protection of the People and...read more.

Podcast 11 - Creating a dictatorship (9m 44s)

How did Hitler create a dictatorship? Gleichschaltung Night of the Long Knives Army...read more.

Podcast 12 - Nazi economic policies (10m 21s)

What did the Nazis want to achieve economically? How did they go about it? Reducing...read more.

Podcast 13 - The Nazi totalitarian state (11m 44s)

What is a ‘totalitarian’ state? What methods were used to achieve it? Persuasion and propaganda The Cult of...read more.

Podcast 14 - Women's experience of the Third Reich, 1933-1945 (9m 3s)

What changed in the lives of women in Nazi Germany? How the Nazis viewed the role of women. Why the Nazis made changes to women’s...read more.

Podcast 15 - Young people's experience of the Third Reich, 1933-1945 (6m 7s)

Why were young people targeted by the Nazis? What methods did the Nazis use? Did they...read more.

Podcast 16 - Religion and the Third Reich, 1933-1945 (7m 50s)

Why were the Nazis interested in religion? What did the Nazis do with religions of which they disapproved? What did the Nazis believe?..read more.

Podcast 17 - Nazi treatment of minorities, including Jewish people, 1933-1941 (11m 0s)

Which groups were targeted, why and how? How were Jewish people treated in the 1930s? Social, economic and legal methods of...read more.

Podcast 18 - The Holocaust, 1939-1945 (8m 0s)

What happened to Jewish people during the war? What was the Holocaust? The position of...read more.

Podcast 19 - The impact of the war on Germany, opposition to Hitler and the end of the war (7m 33s)

How did it all end? What was the impact of the war on day-to-day life in Germany? Who opposed Hitler and how? How did the Third Reich end?...read more.

Podcast 20 - Exam Technique Part 1 (8m 40s)

OCR History B (Modern World) (J418) Aspects of International Relations 1919 to 2005 and Germany, 1918-1945 First of two podcasts on this...read more.

Podcast 21 - Exam Technique Part 2 (11m 18s)

OCR History B (Modern World) (J418) Aspects of International Relations 1919 to 2005 and Germany, 1918-1945 Second of...read more.