S-Cool Revision Summary

S-Cool Revision Summary

Images of sport can be founding in any entertainment medium of modern day life.

All media coverage's have one thing in common...money... and the media coverage of sport has become a multi-million pound business.

Sensational headlines about sporting events encourage people to buy newspapers.

Newspapers influence the popularity of sport related icons.

Newspapers can build up images and damage images of sport related icons.

Books are usually biographies or autobiographies of famous sporting personalities.

Television rights to sporting events are huge business.

The competition between TV providers has been a financial benefit to sport.

Channel 4 has popularised minority sports.

Video has enabled elements of sport to be recorded and viewed on future occasions.

Performance analysis using videos is common in most sports.

Advantages Examples
Minority sports popularised Beach volleyball and American Football on Channel 4
New events Indoors windsurfing
New technology Glass sided squash courts and specially treated squash balls
Miniature cameras giving good action shots Cameras in cricket stumps and on racing cars
Raising awareness and promoting the image of sport Could encourage young people to take up sport, leading to new sporting talent and healthy lifestyles
Expense and access Some sporting events are expensive to attend because of admission fees and travelling distance. Tickets are often in short supply for top events. TV allows fans to watch their favourite sporting events
Better coverage as more can be seen on TV; the viewer at home is enabled to see much more of the whole event that the spectator at the event Golf on TV gives the viewer at home coverage of the whole course
Disadvantages Examples
Negative effects on individuals and teams Media coverage can give individuals and teams bad publicity that might affect performances and careers
Rules and the timing of events Events have been arranged to suit the TV companies. Often large-scale events such as the Olympic Games are scheduled to coincide with the best viewing times for the USA TV companies. The rules of volleyball have been changed to make a more spectator friendly game
Television equipment The placing of TV cameras and bright lights may interfere with play. Bright overhead lights in badminton can hinder players' performances
Contradiction of decisions The replay of an event may show that the referee has missed something, or made a wrong decision. This could lead to the referee's authority being undermined
Media influence The media may only promote certain sports, making other sports less popular

Dennis Howell as defines sponsorship in sport as:

The support for a sport, sports event, sports organisation or competitor by an outside body or person for the mutual benefit for both parties.

from The Sports Business, Neil Wilson (Piatkus, 1988)

Advantages for a Sport and its Players Disadvantages for a Sport and its Players
Young and new rising sports stars will be able to train and compete in their sport without having to worry about money and equipment Young players may have their sponsorship withdrawn if their performance does not show improvement
It can increase the income of a top athlete Players in less well-known games may not be able to get sponsorship
Sport can promoted by sponsors through the staging of special events Sponsors may want more control over the sport. They may want to schedule events to coincide with peak television viewing time to get maximum publicity, or even alter the time of the year when competitions are held. Rugby league is now played in the summer
Money can be paid to a sport to improve facilities, provide more coaching and encourage participation Governing bodies of sport may come to rely on sponsorship
New sports can be promoted  
Advantages of Sponsorship for the Sponsors Disadvantages of Sponsorship for the Sponsors
Sponsorship is powerful advertising Sponsoring unsuccessful events or teams will not be beneficial to the sponsor, particularly if the team loses a lot of matches or an individual is injured or unable to play
Popular and televised sponsored events make brand names well known Sponsorship deals over long periods of time may not be valuable if media coverage is reduced
Successful individuals and teams are well supported and sponsors' names are linked with these The company or product associated with a sport may not be appropriate
For certain sponsors, the image of healthy lifestyles and high level performances are important for their product The money paid in sponsorship may be very high compared with the money the company gets back in increased sales
Sponsors can pay less tax by giving money to sports  

The Advantages and Disadvantages of becoming a Professional Sportsperson

Advantages Disadvantages
Professional sportspeople can become celebrities and live a lavish lifestyle Injury can ruin a sporting career, thereby cutting off the person's source of income
They can perfect their game A stable lifestyle is difficult, as international competitions require competitors to travel for weeks or months at a time
They can travel the world to compete at the highest level There are always new, young competitors challenging for a top place, which can impose increasing stress levels on individuals to keep their place at the top
They are paid to do something they enjoy The ability to maintain fitness and performance usually decreases with age; the sportspersons career may not be very long
They can normally afford to retire early Once their sporting career is over, they may have few qualifications to do another job