Amateur and Professional

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Amateur and Professional

There are three distinctions between the status of an amateur sportsperson and a professional sportsperson:

  1. The amateur sportsperson takes part in sport for the enjoyment and does not get paid.
  2. The professional sports person gets paid for taking part in sport. Sport is that person's job.
  3. The semi-professional sports person is paid for playing sport but will also have another job.

The advantages and disadvantages of becoming a professional sportsperson

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Professional sportspeople can become celebrities and live a lavish lifestyle. Injury can ruin a sporting career, thereby cutting off the person's source of income.
They can perfect their game. There are always new, young competitors challenging for a top place, which can impose increasing stress levels on individuals to keep their place at the top.
They are paid to do something they enjoy. The ability to maintain fitness and performance usually decreases with age; the sportspersons career may not be very long.
They can normally afford to retire early. Once their sporting career is over, they may have few qualifications to do another job.

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