Sports Facilities

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Sports Facilities

From aerobics to yachting, badminton to volleyball, all sports and sporting activities require some kind of facility in order to take place.

There are two providers of sports facilities: the public provision made by the local councils, county councils and local government and the private provision made by hotels, sports clubs and private clubs.

The public sector aims to provide facilities that are accessible to everyone and are based on a pay-and-play policy where anyone can pay their money and play the sport.

Such facilities can be found in local schools where, after school hours,the school gym sports hall and outdoor areas are open for the local community to use. These are places where you might see people using their new softball equipment or tossing frisbees around.

This is known as the dual use system.

Colleges and universities offer a similar system but access by the public usually occurs during the college holidays when students have little use for them.

Other facilities are run and maintained by the parish, town, city or district councils or the county council.

These facilities include the local village hall, leisure and arts centres, sports halls, playing fields, athletics tracks, golf courses, bowling greens, swimming pools and tennis courts.

The private sector, in providing sports facilities, usually has a commercial aim, that is, they are trying to make money from the people using their facility.

Many hotels now provide some kind of facility for sport to their guests with the aim of attracting more people to use the hotel. They may also let non-residents use the facilities but this usually involves some kind of joining and membership fee to do so.

Other complexes are purposely built to provide people with a holiday based around leisure activities. An example of this is Centre Parcs.

There are other commercial sports clubs that provide venues for sporting events. Squash, tennis and golf are some examples where private development has taken place.

There is also a growth in private health clubs that provide weight and aerobic gyms and usually have private instructors.

There are other famous private clubs such as the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and other major sports clubs own and develop their own facilities such as football clubs, rugby clubs and golf clubs.