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Mojo Memory is a unique image based memory tool that is proven to help memorise information up to 2x quicker.

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What is Mojo Memory?

With GCSEs, you may understand it, but will you remember it come exam time? This is where Mojo comes in. It's a unique, highly effective memory tool designed specifically for GCSE students to help you memorise key content you need to know

  • Easier Revision
  • Quicker Revision
  • Sticks in your memory

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GCSE's are getting harder. Get started early.

There is so much more content to remember in the new GCSEs. Mojo makes remembering things easier and boosts your long-term memory - which means it is easy to memorise the key content from day one.

The benefits

How does Mojo Memory work?

Mojo translates words into images, making remembering easier. Taking the most complicated topics and translating them into engaging, stand out images helps you make a stronger, longer lasting memory. Simply recall the image and it will make you remember the subject!


mitosis diagram

Mitosis is part of the cell cycle that gives rise to genetically identical cells in which the number of chromosomes is maintained



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Don't underestimate the importance of memory.

Students now take exams at the end of courses that are two or even three years long. That's a lot to remember. Mojo works along side the GCSE specification so you can memorise key information as soon as you are taught it. No more last minute memorising.

Try it for yourself

JUNE 2018

It's a different way of thinking - easier to remember!" Taish, Year 10

Why Mojo Memory works?

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We are far better at remembering things we can see. Mojo translates complicated topics into striking images, which pop into your head much more easily than complex terms and concepts.

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Regular testing

Just putting facts into your brain doesn't mean you will remember them. Recalling facts is what strengthens your memory. Mojo regularly tests your recall, building better memories.

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Long term memory

Topics learnt in year 9 or 10 will often be forgotten by GCSE exam time! Mojo taps into powerful, long-term memory functions you didn't even know you had. You may have finished a topic, but you won't forget it.

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To use your time effectively, Mojo is split into topics to match what is being taught in school. Aligning Mojo topics with your learning to continuously memorise key facts, taking pressure off yourself in Year 11.


more effective than memorising words

Get started today

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Benefits of Mojo Memory

  • Better performance
  • More effective revision = better exam performance
  • Less stress
  • Feel good about your ability to easily recall key content
  • More confidence
  • Have confidence in your memory, feel confident about your exams
  • More control
  • Manage your learning with automatic reminders at the optimum time
  • Time saving
  • Remember content efficiently - don't waste time with ineffective cramming
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See Mojo in action

Not completely sure if this is right for you? Watch this example - or why not give it a free trial? We're confident you'll find it fun and effective!

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What does Mojo Memory include?

As a complete package, you receive a fully considered and planned product to perfectly suit any GCSE students needs


35+ memorisation videos (AQA spec 8461)


New videos added every month


Interactive quizzes


Personal revision plan with reminders


Downloadable revision notes


Activity worksheets