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This mojo freeGo will help you to memorize Abiotic Factors for AQA GCSE.

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1. The first set of questions is about the flow of the story. The Abiotic Factors story stars with you walking on a beach. What do you spot?
A robot in the shape of an A
A robot in the shape of a B
A robot in the shape of a C
2. What do you notice about the robot?
It is lying down
It is dead
It is sleeping
3. The robot is dead. What is the first relevant thing you note about it?
It's on a beach
It's eyes blue
It's wearing sunglasses
4. You have noticed the sunglasses. What do you notice next?
It is very hot
It is very still
It is very quiet
5. After noting that the robot is very hot, what do you notice next?
There is a break in the wind on the beach
There is a windbreak on the beach
The robot is breaking wind on the beach
6. After noting the wind break, what do you see next?
The wind has blown the letters pH in the soil
The wind break has corroded due to the pH of the soil
The wind has exposed some HP sauce in the soil
7. The next few questions are about the words we have used in the story, and the biology they help you recall. What does the dead A-shaped Robot remind you of?
Abiotic factors affect how robots can live in a community
Abiotic factors are the non living factors which can affect a community
Abiotic factors are the living factors which can affect a community
8. What do the sunglasses remind you of?
It’s bright on beaches
Sun burn is an abiotic factor
Light intensity is an abiotic factor
9. The robot burns you when you touch it. What abiotic factor does that remind you of?
10. What abiotic factor does the wind break remind you of?
Wind direction and intensity
Access to separate space
11. What abiotic factor do the shapes in the soil remind you of?
Contours of the soil
Dryness of the soil
pH of the soil
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