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mojo freeGo - Fungal Diseases

This mojo freeGo will help you to memorize Fungal Diseases for AQA GCSE.

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1. This story starts by introducing Rose Black Spot. What is her most outstanding facial feature?
A rose behind her ear
A nose black spot
Rotten teeth
2. What reminds you that this mojo freeGo is about fungal diseases?
She wears a skull and cross bones on her hat
Her eyebrows look like they would get diseased
She blows a party trumpet
3. What does Rose Black Spot do for a living?
She is a pirate
She imitates a parrot
She is a coastguard
4. Rose Black Spot is a pirate – what does this remind you of?
You mainly get fungal diseases in damp places like the sea
Rose Black Spot travels by wind and water
Fungal diseases kill you nastily - and so do pirates
5. Apart from the nose black spot, what else do you recall about Rose Black Spot?
Her breath smells of fish
Her hair is a mess
She is covered in black and purple spots
6. What is the effect of her purple and black spots on people she talks to?
They can't help but stare rudely
They spill their drinks in surprise
They turn yellow and drop off (or leave) early
7. Rose Black Spot is shy. How do you know this?
She talks in a very quiet voice
She never appears in photo opportunities
She only ever talks to her parrot
8. What is another effect of Rose Black Spot's shyness?
She can't plunder as well as the other pirates
She always wears hats that are large enough to cover her face
She can't be a fun gal at a fun guy's side
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